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Evolving & improving Macotuts

Macotuts is an infant project created just weeks ago by two passionate users of the Kirby CMS. The main goal is to share tutorials to learn Kirby through basic as well as advanced concepts. We really hope that we're helping at least a few people with these! The website also has a section dedicated to sharing Kirby related links (a-la Collective by Codrops), the Macolist. We're also sharing some of the themes we built before starting work on Macotuts.


We in no way believe that just the two of us can give a complete view of the possibilities of Kirby. Our idea from the get-go was to invite active players in the Kirby community to share their own tutorials / solutions. Let us know in the questionnaire if you'd like to do that!


First of all, a big thank you to all the visitors who shared their tutorial ideas and encouraging words! We're really motivated to help as many readers as possible and we're really happy to see that Macotuts has already helped a few of you.

A couple questions

The site is now mostly finished and ready to use, and we'd like to get your opinion on those three simple questions in the form below. Thanks a lot taking the time to answer, and don't worry, all answers are saved anonymously ;). If you want to chat with us, come on twitter or send us an email!
See you soon on Macotuts.