Macotuts in a few words

Maco what? Maco Tutorials! The best place to find Kirby tutorials and learn awesome Kirby stuff weekly!

Who we are

Macotuts is the brain child of two French Kirby developpers (Mathieu and Constantin) with a common passion for sharing knowledge and... well Kirby! We both started out by building themes for the amazing CMS before deciding to fill in the gap left by the lack of tutorials on Kirby. We're still learning a lot about Kirby on a daily basis and can't wait to hear your feedback and questions on our tutorials

What we do

Outside of Macotuts, we both develop themes, do client work, drink wine, and eat cheese...
If you want to get in touch for some custom Kirby work, we hope this website is as good a portfolio as any! We love Kirby and we'd love working with you!

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